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Specials & Extras


Here you'll find lots of delicious meats, special jams, chutneys and preserves ... plus curry sauces which are just delicious!  



We are pleased to offer locally sourced cooked ham slices. These are ideal for salads, to eat with mash and pickles or to pop into a sandwich.


Honey roasted ham

For an even tastier treat try our delicious honey roasted ham. Perfect for light meals and snacks.



Another favourite is our cooked turkey, another versatile meat suitable for a number of dishes.


Locally sourced, our cooked beef can make a splendid supper with your choice of potatoes and veg. Perhaps you’d prefer to have it in a crusty bread roll instead. Whichever, don’t forget lashings of horseradish sauce.


ox tongue

As a tasty alternative, why not try our cooked ox tongue slices. They are delightful with a salad.




Faggots are an old English dish and ours are made from pork offcuts and offal, making them a popular, nutritious and economical choice. Often likened to meatballs, they are traditionally served with mushy peas, mashed potato and onion gravy.


 black pudding r k creese gloucester butcher

black pudding

Black pudding is a traditional mix of pork fat and blood, onions, oatmeal and flavourings. Our ready-made puddings have already been cooked so just need a gentle reheating in the oven, under the grill or in the frying pan. It is, of course, a breakfast favourite but can also be served for lunch or supper. A mushroom sauce compliments it admirably.



eggs & free range eggs

We are pleased to offer locally sourced eggs and free range eggs.


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dripping - beef & pork

Dripping is the liquid left in the pan after roasting pork or beef. It is most often used as fat in cooking or to make gravy but can also be served up as a tasty snack on bread or toast.



chicken liver

Not only are they inexpensive and tasty, but chicken livers are high in protein and rich in folate which is important for fertility. Often they are served as devilled chickens livers on toast.



We regularly stock a supply of a wide variety of locally sourced fish.

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half pig

We will happily supply you with a locally sourced half pig.  

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half lamb

We will happily supply you with a locally sourced half lamb.

 specials r k creese butchers gloucester

mrs darlingtons jams, chutneys pickles & condiments

We are proud to be able to offer a selection of Mrs Darlington’s traditionally made jams, curds, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, sauces and condiments. Marion Darlington began making 100 jars a day of her Legendary Lemon Curd in her kitchen in the 1980s. Today, ably assisted by her daughter Sarah, they produce over seventy different products and have worldwide distribution.  We are the only stockist in the area too!


the curry company sauces

We are very pleased to offer a selection of the highly rated Curry Sauce Company wonderful range of sauces. Simply add your desired meat, fish or vegetables and cook as per the instructions before serving with rice or naan bread. Authentic and delicious every time and at a very tasty price!


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