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Mmmm ... Good, wholesome homemade sausages ... Delicious!  Just like our burgers, they're full of delicious meat & specially selected seasonings - great for BBQ's too!

 sausages pork r k creese butchers gloucester  

pork sausages

What can we say?  The perfect banger made with premium pork.

 chiplota sausages r k creese butchers gloucester  

chipolata sausages

A chipolata is a long, thin pork sausage, thought to have originated in France. Seasoned with herbs and spices, they are best grilled. At Christmas time they are a feature of the traditional turkey dinner, wrapped in streaky bacon and known as ‘pigs in blankets’.

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cocktail sausages

Cocktail sausages are small pork sausages most often served at parties. Cocktail sticks are optional and should not be eaten.

 gloucester sausages r k creese butchers gloucester

gloucester sausage

Gloucestershire is renowned as the home of great sausages and we are pleased to offer this splendid banger, made from locally sourced pork. Once tasted, never forgotten.


 cider  apple sausages r k creese butchers gloucester

cider & apple sausages

The South West of England is famous for its orchards. Most people are aware of the tradition of brewing cider, too. It seems only natural, then, that cider and apples be combined into a delightful sausage mix. Don’t worry – the alcohol content is minimal.


 leek  ginger sausages r k creese butchers gloucester

leek & ginger sausages

We are always on the lookout for new flavours to add to our pork sausages. We are especially pleased to offer this recipe which is thought to have originated in Dorset’s New Forest. It combines pork, the warmth of ginger and the fresh jest of leek to produce a truly magical taste.


 hot  spicy sausages r k creese butchers gloucester

hot & spicy sausages

Just to tempt your taste buds with something a little spicier, we have added chillies to these sausages. Our aim is to offer something spicy and different, not make them hot enough to blow your socks off!


pig sketch r k creese butchers gloucesterDID YOU KNOW?

"Our pork sausages are traditionally homemade by hand in our shop with a variety of flavours on offer."
Kim & Rod Creese

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