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Our pork is locally sourced from a farm we know and trust to supply top quality meat ... read more below.

 boneless leg pork r k creese butchers gloucester  

Boneless leg of pork

Boneless leg of pork is one of the most popular roasting joints and it benefits from slow cooking.  It is renowned for the leanness of its meat which contrasts beautifully with the crisp crackling surrounding it.  Order too large a joint and you will have plenty of splendid cold meat to eat with salad, pickles or in sandwiches. Lean, tender crackling the all round pork package. 

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boneless spa rib

Not to be confused with normal spare ribs, these inexpensive joints actually come from the shoulder or blade end near the shoulder.  They do have a flavour and texture similar to ribs, however, which may account for the name.  They are perfect for roasting or cooking as BBQ steaks.  In addition, they can also be made into the increasingly popular pulled pork.
 boneless loin of pork r k creese butchers gloucester  

BONELESS pork loin

Pork loin is especially flavoursome, with a high fat content.  It is located between the shoulder of the pig and the start of the leg.  The boned variety is rolled and ideal for roasting, lending itself to stuffing, with traditional sage and onion or sausage meat perhaps.  This is also the joint from which the best pork chops are cut.  It can also be cut into tasty steaks for grilling or a BBQ, especially if they have been brined or rubbed with a spice mixture first.  
 belly pork r k creese butchers gloucester  

Belly pork

Pork belly, naturally, comes from the underside of the animal, and has a reputation for being one of the most versatile joints of pork, as well as being great value for money.  It is a fatty cut, ideal for slow roasting or braising, and the result melts in the mouth.  As a result of the fat, it provides excellent crackling as well.  Whilst previously a neglected cut, used as a main source for sausages and mince, belly pork is now increasingly appearing in restaurants, as chefs learn to appreciate its texture and flavour.  Rolled, stuffed, fried, grilled roasted or BBQ cooked on a slow heat is tender and succulent.
 pork steak r k creese butchers gloucester

pork steak

Pork steaks are inexpensive and suitable for a variety of dishes.  They are usually larger than pork chops and come from the pork shoulder, often being referred to as blade steaks.  They are ideal for quick cooking recipes such as braising, grilling or sautéing.  Pork steaks are a staple in a range of mouth-watering recipes from around the world, from Germany to Jamaica, from Mexico to China.  Or simply pop them on the BBQ.


 tenderloin pork r k creese butchers gloucester


This is a very lean cut and will benefit from an extra layer of fat, such as bacon, to prevent it drying out during the cooking process.  Although cut from the loin area, it differs from pork loin in that it is generally a smaller, longer cut.   Sometimes known as pork fillet, tenderloin is excellent roasted or marinated and grilled.   It also an easy and tasty en croute dish.


 pork rib r k creese butchers gloucester

Pork ribs

There are several types of pork ribs, all excellent value. Famously there are the spare ribs from the belly, renowned for their flavour enhanced by the fat. Perfect for the grill or BBQ in a variety of marinates. Back ribs come from the blade and centre of the pork loin. They are often referred to as baby ribs as they are noticeably smaller than spare ribs. Suitable for roasting or the grill or BBQ, prepared with a dry or wet rub. Dry rubs comprise herbs and spices while wet rubs require the ribs to be basted with sauces during the cooking process. Finally, there is the pork rib roast, also known as a rack of pork. It comes from the rib area of the loin and is especially fatty. It makes for a fantastic roast or the ribs can be barbecued.


 diced pork r k creese butchers gloucester

diced pork

Diced pork, or as cubes, slices or strips, is available at a relatively low cost but is a fantastically versatile meat. It can come from any part of the animal, but most often from the loin area. The diced cubes are often incorporated into kebabs which can be sautéed or grilled. Cubes and slices may also be braised or stewed. Soups, goulash, chilli con carne or a stir fry are other possibilities or just use to make a tasty sandwich.


 pork mince r k creese butchers gloucester

minced pork

Minced pork is as versatile as its beef or lamb equivalent, but with its own unique flavour. The possibilities for recipes are endless – well, almost. Try turning it into your own home-made burgers or meatballs, cottage or shepherd’s pie, in a chili or curry, with spaghetti in a bolognaise sauce, stuffed with rice in peppers, risotto, patties or pasties. Why not ask us to provide a specific lean to fat mix, such as 70% lean and 30% fat?




A pork griskin is a pork chop with the skin and bone removed which allows us to cut thinner steaks for smaller appetites. It is believed that the word originates from the Old Norse griss which was their name for a pig. The most popular choice for cooking is grilling but they can also be braised and sautéed.



pig sketch r k creese butchers gloucesterDID YOU KNOW?

"The pigs we use are lovingly reared by our Malvern farm supplier from day one. To give you an idea of the size of the farm, our farmer has 4 boars and 90 sows. The piglets are weaned at one month then taken up to 5 months old. The farm only turns over 30-35 pigs a week and as a result theyonly rear pork of the very highest quality, combined with excellent animal husbandry.The breed of the pigs we use are Large White/Landrace/Duroc crosses to ensure a meaty but lean pig that conforms to the needs of today’s market."
Kim & Rod Creese

See a few farm snapshots below ...

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