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Offal is a a great way of getting your vitamins and minerals! ...


lambs liver

Not many people realise that liver is a super food, containing gram for gram more nutrients than any other food stuff. Lamb’s liver can provide a fantastically economic yet tasty treat. Most often fried, it can also be boiled or baked. Traditional British recipes for fried lamb’s liver include liver and onions and liver and bacon, both fantastic served in thick gravy with mashed potato and peas or mushrooms.


pigs liver

Liver is acknowledged as one of the super foods and on a gram for gram basis actually contains more nutrients than any other food. It is also relatively inexpensive. Pig’s liver has a somewhat stronger taste than lamb’s liver so it’s really a matter of personal preference as to which you would rather have.  Pigs liver is ideally suited to casserole dishes.


lambs heart

Lamb’s hearts are another inexpensive and underrated tender cut of meat. They have more fat than pig’s hearts and are more suitable for quick cooking methods. Try marinating overnight then grill, BBQ or pan fry over a high heat for just a few minutes.


pigs heart

Pig’s hearts are less fatty than lamb’s and generally benefit from a longer cooking time. They are just as good value, however. Try stuffing and braising or cut into strips and stewed.


ox heart

Another good, inexpensive cut of meat but beware; they are large! You might like to slice and pan fry, serving with a horseradish sauce. Alternatively it can be slow cooked in a casserole or stew.



lambs kidney

As with most offal, lamb’s kidneys are not expensive but can be very flavoursome. Lamb’s kidneys are best grilled or fried and served with mash, rice or chunky chips. Be careful not to overcook as this makes them tough to eat. They are also the best for the traditional dish known as devilled kidneys, served up on toast.



Pigs kidney

Pig’s kidneys are also inexpensive cuts of meat. As they have a stronger taste than lamb’s kidneys, it may be worthwhile soaking in salted water or milk. They can be sliced and braised or stewed. Sautéed pig’s kidneys served with mushrooms and rice is a good cheap but nutritious meal.



ox tail

It may be called ox tail but this cut is actually the tail of a cow. The tail is skinned and then cut into sections, each of which has a tailbone with a marrow centre and meat around it. Ox tail then is both bony and fatty and will therefore benefit from a long, slow cooking time, probably at least three hours. This makes it ideal for braising, stewing or making soups. It can also be used for stock. As with all offal, it is not expensive.


tripe-r-k-creese-butchers-gloucester 1

ox tripe

Tripe is the stomach of an animal and it is thought by many that ox tripe has the most flavour. Because it contains a lot of connective tissue, a long cooking time is recommended. It is therefore well suited to stews and soups. Stewed tripe and onions is an old traditional British dish and tripe is also the basis of many recipes from around the world. As well as being inexpensive, tripe is a good source of minerals, proteins and vitamins.




Sweetbreads are another cheap but tasty form of offal. Despite what you may have heard, they are actually the thymus gland (from the throat) and pancreas (from the heart or stomach) of the animal. They have a delicate, creamy flavour and the best ways of cooking them are braising, frying or breading and searing. They should be soaked well in cold water before cooking.



OX Tongue

Another cheap cut from your butcher, ox tongue has a similar flavour to brisket or corned beef. It can be boiled and then either sliced to be served as is, with an appropriate sauce and vegetables, roasted, or saved and then sliced and served cold with salad or potatoes and pickles. Other ways to cook include pot roast and stewing.

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