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As with all our meat, our lamb is sourced locally and from a farmer who always maintains high quality, lean and tasty meat.

 leg of lamb r k creese butchers gloucester  

leg of lamb

Undoubtedly the most popular cut of lamb when roasting, the leg can be bought as either a half or whole and the bone will add to the flavour. Ideal for the Sunday lunch with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables, it is often flavoured with rosemary, thyme or garlic and served with a mint sauce.  It can be roasted until pink and then served or cooked for longer at a lower heat, resulting in a darker meat that melts off the bone. Traditionally any left- over meat goes into a shepherd’s pie whilst the bone can be used for stock. Lean, tender, tasty roasted or even on the BBQ. 



Not everybody wants to deal with the bone in a leg of lamb so we also make it available without.  The joint is certainly easier to carve without the bone.  It is ideal for ‘butterflying’ for the BBQ or grill.  This requires the boneless meat to be opened up so that the whole leg is cooked quickly and evenly.
 lamb shoulder r k creese butchers gloucester

lamb shoulder - boneless

Actually taken from the lower half of the animal, lamb shoulder makes an excellent, inexpensive alternative to a leg and is just as tasty.  It can be roasted in the same way as you would cook the leg or try stuffing with herbs or lemon.  If you cut it into chunks it can be cooked slowly for a delightful stew.  It can also be braised and is the perfect meat for the Indian curry known as Rogan Josh.
 lamb steak r k creese butchers gloucester  

diced lamb

Diced lamb is incredibly versatile and is usually from the shoulder or leg.  Diced lamb makes a great choice for kebabs which can be quickly cooked on the grill or BBQ.  It can also be slow cooked in stews, casseroles or curries.   Speciality recipes include Irish stew and Lancashire hotpot.
 minted lamb r k creese butchers gloucester

minted lamb steaks

Minted lamb steaks are one of our specialities.  Mint is the traditional accompaniment for lamb and compliments its flavour superbly.  Our steaks are ready to grill, pan fry or BBQ, if the weather holds.  All you need to do is add your preferred side dishes.  Chunky chips or mash?  Green beans or corn on the cob?  Red wine or white?



loin of lamb - boneless

This is another joint that lends itself well to roasting.  We serve it off the bone and ready rolled, making it ideal for stuffing and roasting while also easy to carve.


 rack of lamb r k creese butchers gloucester

rack of lamb

The rack of lamb comes what is considered the tastiest and most tender part of the animal, the best end of neck.  It is ideal for a quick roast in a hot oven and served pink or medium.  Cooked for too long, it tends to dry out.  The ‘rack’ comprises seven chops together and if you wished you could divide them and cook them as separate cutlets.  If you wish we will expose the bones, a technique known as French or larder trimming.  In addition we can create a so-called guard of honour which comprises two trimmed racks facing each other with the fat side facing outwards so that they appear to form an arch.  This seeks to recreate a soldier’s guard of honour with swords held aloft and interlocking.   Alternatively we can supply a Crown Roast, which comprises two racks tied in a circle to allow the centre to be stuffed.


 neck of lamb r k creese butchers gloucester

neck of lamb

There are two cuts at the top of the lamb at the head of the animal that are both excellent value; scrag and middle neck.  Scrag, or scrag end, is fatty and often used in stews, including Irish stew, or can be braised.  Middle neck is also suitable for wet cooking such as a casserole or stew, including Lancashire hotpot.


 breast of lamb rolled r k creese butchers gloucester

breast of lamb

An extremely economic cut, breast of lamb comes from the belly of the animal.  It has a tendency to be fatty but this simply makes it more flavoursome. If it is cooked slowly, the fat will naturally melt off, leaving a tender meat with a crispy skin.  The whole breast can have the rib and bones attached but they can be easily removed after cooking.  As an alternative, it can be supplied boned and rolled, ready to be stuffed with herbs.


 lamb shank rk creese butchers gloucester

lamb shank

The shanks comprise meaty cuts from the legs of the animal, just below the knees.  They are wonderfully economical and very tasty.  Shanks can be cooked on the bone as a pot roast or stew.  For the best results, they should be cooked long and slow.  The meat will then really just fall off the bone.   Tomato or red wine based recipes are ideal for the winter months, white wine or perhaps an orange sauce for the summer.

 lamb mince r k creese butchers gloucester

lamb mince

Ah, the ever-versatile mince. Traditionally it is the basis for shepherd’s pie, but can easily be adapted for cottage pie or a Cumberland pie. Why not use it for your home-made burgers or meatballs, pop in a chili or curry, serve with spaghetti in a bolognaise sauce or in a lasagne or with other types of pasta. You can also create your own pasties. Don’t call them ‘Cornish’, though, as they insist beef is the all-important ingredient.



sheep together r k creese butchers gloucesterDID YOU KNOW? 

"Our Lambs are from a quality local supplier, which is really important to us.  We know we are getting high quality meat from a farm with excellent animal husbandry skills.  The lambs are generally a Texel or Texel cross which are bred for their lean but extremely tasty meat.

Lamb at their best from May to September when at their youngest and most tender but the rest of the year with a little extra care with cooking can still provide a feast."
Kim & Rod Creese


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