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Look no further for your tasty and premium game.  As with all of our products, we always aim to source locally from our preferred suppliers.

 venison haunch r k creese butchers gloucester  

venison haunch

Venison is the name of the meat of any species of deer. It is a red meat, lean, rich and very flavoursome. Venison haunch is the leg of the animal and is an excellent choice for a roast. Because it is so lean, it has to be cooked carefully and a quick roast is best. For a slower roast you can cover the joint in fatty bacon. Venison haunch is also suitable for pot roasting or braising.

 venison steak r k creese butchers gloucester  

venison steak

As with all steaks, our venison steaks are ideal for grilling, frying or barbecuing. The meat has a richer flavour than beef steak and is less fatty. A favourite recipe is to serve it with a creamy mushroom sauce and rice, mash or chips.

 diced venison r k creese butchers gloucesters  

diced venison

We also offer our venison diced, perfect for slow cooking in stews, casseroles or soups. It also serves as an excellent meat for a ragu to have with your favourite pasta or can be an ingredient in a home-made game pie.
 rabbit r k creese butchers gloucester


Rabbits have firm meaty flesh and a subtle flavour. They are often compared to a more flavoursome free range chicken. We sell our whole, skinned and gutted. As such they offer an alternative to the normal meats for roasting and should serve three to four people. They are also ideal for slow cooking such as stewing or in a casserole. The meat also lends itself to baking in a pie and, as with any game, can be an ingredient in a traditional game pie.


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wild boar

Wild boars are very much in the spotlight in the UK, not just because of their incursions into the countryside but also because of the interest in healthy eating and slow cooking in particular. The meat of a wild boar has a sweet, nutty flavour, somewhat akin to pork but with much less fat. As such it can be substituted for pork in many recipes. It is especially good for slow roasting and in stews and casseroles or as an ingredient in a home-made game pie.


 duck r k creese butchers gloucester


Duck meat is a darker colour than that of a chicken or turkey. They are perfect for roasting as they are so fatty. Duck breasts are tasty pan fried or grilled while the legs can be roasted like chicken legs. Why not have a go at steaming your duck Chinese-style and serve pancakes, spring onions and hoisin sauce? Yet another contender for the game pie.


 goose r k creese butchers gloucester


In Britain goose has long been a traditional alternative to turkey for the Christmas roast. It is a rich, densely textured meat, full of flavour. It is also very fatty but, as the fat is located under the skin, rather than in the meat itself, this acts as a natural baster during cooking, keeping the bird juicy. A traditional stuffing can be made from chestnuts, prunes and cranberries, although orange or apple and herbs are excellent alternatives. That apart, use goose as you would other poultry and remember to save some for the game pie.


 pheasant 1 r k creese butchers gloucester


Pheasants have usually led active lives so their legs will be sinewy and possibly quite tough. It is best to braise or stew the slowly, then serve with mash and root vegetables. Pheasant breasts have little fat on them so need plenty of basting when being roasted. A coating of fatty bacon may do the trick here. A popular traditional method for cooking the bird is pheasant guidwife, a one pot recipe involving onions, fruit chutney such as peach or mango and red wine. It is also another contender for your game pie.




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