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Mmmm ... homemade burgers ... you can't beat them!  Full of delicious meat & specially selected seasonings - great for BBQ's too!  Think about adding some exciting toppings to enhance your burgers: sliced tomato, dill pickled cucumber, sliced raw onions, sliced or grated hard cheese, torn Cos lettuce, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup or relish, coleslaw, mustard mayo, diced chilies, fried egg, barbecue sauce, grilled mushrooms, blue cheese or bacon.

 beefburgers rk creese butchers gloucester  

Beef burgers

Our beef burgers are made with the most succulent beef to give a fantastic flavour, however you cook them.

 lamb and mint burgers rk creese butchers gloucester  

lamb & mint burgers

Lamb and mint is a classic combination of flavours, brought together here in one of our most popular burgers. Try with a Greek salad and tzatziki dip.

 pork and apple burgers rk creese butchers gloucester  

pork & apple burgers

Pork and apple hits the mark with a traditional combo of flavours ... best cooked in a frying pan. 

 chicken and leek burgers rk creese butchers gloucester  

chicken & leek burgers

Another popular and flavoursome combination, this one ticks the healthy eating box too.  Defintely best cooked in frying pan.


beef & onion burgers

This makes our traditional beef burgers even tastier by adding onion to the mix for a fantastic flavoursome finish.


 beef tom garlic burger rk creese butchers gloucester

beef, tomato & garlic burgers

We are now moving to the gourmet end of the menu and are excited to showcase this mouth-watering taste sensation; our beef, tomato and garlic burger. Gorgeous.


 spanish gourmet burger rk creese butchers gloucester

spanish gourmet burgers

We are always on the lookout for something different to add to our burgers. These use the chorizo as their main ingredient. Chorizo is a type of Spanish pork sausage and gives an interesting, spicy taste.


 hot  spicy burgers rk creese butchers gloucester

hot & spicy burgers

Just to tempt your taste buds with something a little spicier, we have added chillies to these burgers. Our aim is to offer something spicy and different, not make them hot enough to blow your socks off!


 tomato and jalapeno burgers rk creese butchers gloucester

tomato & jalepeno burgers

Jalapeno chilli peppers originate in South America. We’ve added its heat and flavour to our burgers to produce a fantastic original that your BBQ is desperate to cook! Taste the difference.


cow sketch r k creese butchers gloucesterDID YOU KNOW?

"All made from best beef mince, handmade in our shop from 2oz to 8oz, 4 oz being the normal size.  We have 5 plus beef flavours but also do Pork, Chicken and Lamb.  Just ask for details!"
Kim & Rod Creese


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