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Beef & Steak


Our range of Beef & Steak is all sourced locally, prepared in traditional methods, giving you flavoursome and delicious meat ... 

 Fillet Steak R K Creese Gloucester Butchers  

fillet STEAK

Fillet is a very tender steak muscle which comes from the lower middle back and forms part of the sirloin.  The muscle is so tender because it does the least work.  It is also a very lean cut with little fat running through it which means it doesn't quite have as much flavour as other steak cuts.  Fillet steaks are traditionally cut a bit thicker than other steaks, about 1.5 inches.  This is the perfect steak for smaller appetites; the succulent king of steaks.

 sirloin steak r k creese gloucester  

sirloin steak

The sirloin section is located on the back between the fore-rib and rump of the animal.  Sometimes known as entrecote, sirloin is a marvellous steak with terrific flavour.  It is ideal for grilling, pan-frying, griddling or on a BBQ.  Although it is perfectly flavoursome as it is, sirloin lends itself to a variety of sauces and marinades.  Allegedly it gets its name from Henry VIII who knighted it as ‘Sir Loin.’


 rump steak r k creese gloucester RUMP STEAK

Rump steak is taken from the central rump section of the hindquarters of the animal and comes in two types.  Traditional rump steak usually comprises three separate muscles linked by connective tissue.  Prime rump steak, however, is a single muscle.  This tender, succulent steak is ideal for pan-frying and grilling, but is also suitable for a BBQ.

 t bone steak r k creese butchers gloucester T-Bone STEAK

Sometimes known as a Porterhouse, the large T-Bone steak is cut from the sirloin and gains its name from the t-shaped bone that runs through it.  The bone separates a section of tender fillet from a tasty piece of sirloin steak.  It is best simply seasoned and either pan-fried or grilled, although it can also be roasted.  A good thick T-bone can easily serve two people.

rib eye isolated


A rib eye steak is from the fore-rib and is called ‘eye’ because the cut is from the centre of the rib.  Rib eye steaks have more fat on them than other steaks.  This means it is ideal for a longer cooking time, allowing the fat to gently melt, keeping the meat succulent, tender and flavoursome.  While sauces and marinades are tempting, it is a particularly tasty just served with chunky chips.
 rib on the bone rk creese butchers gloucesterxx

RIb on the bone

Think of a traditional English roast and beef is the natural choice.  This is the perfect selection for your Sunday roast!  There is plenty of fat marbled throughout the flesh which will keep the meat moist and tender during cooking and add to the flavour.  A one rib piece will be ideal for two people while a three or four rib piece can easily feed up to eight diners.  Just picture that meaty gravy, crunchy roast potatoes and crisp Yorkshire puddings.  Mmmm!
 awaiting image  

Corner cut

You may not find beef labelled as such in your supermarket, but corner cut is an excellent cut of topside.  Your local, traditional butcher knows this, of course, and will happy to supply it for you!  A superb roasting joint, it can be easily cut into tasty, lean slices.  Once tasted, you won’t want to buy anything else for your traditional Sunday roast.
 topside beef r k creese gloucester  


Topside is cut from the inside muscles of the thigh.  It is lean and tender, suitable for a good roasting joint.  It is usually sold with a layer of fat on top.  This will naturally baste the joint as it roasts and is often removed before serving.  It also makes a great pot roast.  If you just want a small joint for two or three people we can easily prepare a mini joint for you.
 rib of beef isolated  

boneless rib

A splendid choice for a roast, this is traditional beef rib on the bone – without the bone!  It is truly versatile, being suitable for a variety of recipes.  For example, it can be grilled as steaks, stuffed and roasted, sliced and stir fried or grilled with a variety of sauces.
 awaiting image  

bread & butter cut

The bread and butter cut comes from the shoulder area of the animal, sometimes called the chuck region.  It also goes by various other names including cross rib pot roast, Boston cut, thick rib roast, beef chuck cross rib pot roast and simply English roast.  It is generally not suitable for dry roasting but responds well to wet cooking such as a wine braised roast.  Highly recommended for a pot roast as well.
 brisket of beef r k creese gloucester


This is a cut taken from just below the shoulder along the length of the chest or breast.  It can be sold on or off the bone and rolled, according to your preference, and is usually cooked in one piece.  Generally inexpensive, brisket will benefit from a long, slow cook.  Superb in a pot roast, it can also be used in casseroles and stews.  Slow cooker chilli con carne is another favourite for this cut.
 braising steak r k creese butchers gloucester  

braising steak

Cut from a variety of tough muscles located behind the neck, braising steak benefits from long, slow cooking to keep it tender to taste.  A relatively cheap cut, braising steak will reward you with a rich, deep flavour.  Usually sold in whole pieces, we will be happy to cut into chunks if you prefer.  Ideal for casseroles, it is unsurprisingly also known as casserole steak.  Other popular recipes include Irish beef stew and a slow cooker beef curry.

 stweing steak r k creese butchers gloucester

stewing steak

Also cut from the neck area, this is another cut that benefits greatly from being cooked over a long period of time.  Absolutely ideal for a variety of winter stews, it gains flavour as it cooks.  It is perfect for beef bourguignon or instead of fillet steak for a ‘poor man’s stroganoff.’
 minced beef r k creese butchers gloucester  

mince STEAK

As with so many things in life, with mince you get what you pay for.  Steak mince is more expensive than ordinary beef mince but there is a good reason for this; it is leaner and the meat is of a higher quality, steak as the name indicates.  Having said that, mince is one of the most versatile and popular selections of beef, suitable for numerous dishes from steak mince pies to a posh spaghetti bolognaise.
 minced steak r k creese butchers gloucester

MINCE beef

If you are bored of mince you are bored of life, the saying goes.  What’s not to like with the most versatile of the cuts of beef?  Home-made burgers, chilli con carne, spag boll, shepherd’s pie, meatballs, chilli jacket potatoes, stuffed peppers, patties, pasties – you get the idea.
 skirt beef r k creese butchers gloucester


Skirt steak is taken from the underbelly of the cow.  It is inexpensive for steak but should not be cooked to any more than medium as it can become very tough.  Feel free to grill or fry, preferably after marinating, but also be aware that skirt steak is the meat usually used in traditional Cornish pasties.  Why not be adventurous and have a go at making your own at home.


cow sketch r k creese butchers gloucesterDID YOU KNOW?

"Our beef is from a local supplier, which is important very to us - it means we support our local farmers and also we know we are getting a top quality product.  The breed we use are Choralais or Limousin and occasionally Belgian Blue. These cattle are bred for their lean meat.  They are supplied as carcases and are hung on-site in our chillers for the required time of 21 –28 days.  This ensures tender, succulent meat for you, our customer.  We find these to be the best breeds to cater for todays desire for lean but tasty meat."
Kim & Rod Creese


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