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Bacon & Gammon



As with all our meat, our lamb is sourced locally and from a farmer who always maintains high quality, lean and tasty meat.

 gammon r k creese butchers gloucester  


Gammon comes from the top half of the leg of a pig. It is perfect for roasting or boiling, either on the bone or boneless and rolled, making carving easier.


gammon steak

Gammon can be easily sliced to provide gammon steaks, which are ideal for frying, grilling or, baking. Serve with a fried egg or slice of pineapple on top.

 collar joint r k creese butchers gloucester

collar bacon

Collar bacon is taken from the shoulder area, near the pig’s head. It is ideal for boiling or braising but should be well soaked before cooking.

 bacon steak r k creese butchers gloucester  

bacon steak

Our thickly cut bacon steaks are absolutely perfect for grilling, frying or even baking.

 bacon r k creese butchers gloucester nonsmoked

back bacon

Back bacon comes from the loin found in the middle of the animal’s back. It is lean and meaty with much less fat than other cuts and is the most popular in the UK, either grilled or fried.


 bacon r k creese butchers gloucester

smoked back bacon

Rashers of back bacon that have been smoked in the traditional method over wood chippings to give an extra kick of flavour. They are just great for frying or grilling.


 streaky bacon r k creese butchers gloucester

streaky bacon

Streaky bacon is from the pig’s belly and is very fatty. That means that it is also very tasty and the rashers are perfect for grilling or frying.


 streaky bacon smoked rk creese butchers gloucester

smoked streaky bacon

This is simply rashers of streaky bacon that have been smoked traditionally over wood chippings to give extra flavour. They too are ideal fried or grilled.



Bacon hock

The hock is the animal’s ankle joint. It is excellent meat for casseroles, soups and pies.



bacon bits

Our bacon bits are a fantastically versatile way of adding bacon to a variety of dishes. Try sprinkling them on a salad or as a topping for a baked potato; how about in an omelette or mixed in with scrambled eggs; sprinkle on your pizza or mix into mashed potato with some grated cheese. The possibilities are endless!




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